The All Day Mask for Virus Protection for Kids has the all day comfortability of the adults masks, just in a smaller size. Not only is the mask 100% breathable, it protects you from dust, pollens, allergens and droplet transmissions. Design features include seamless ear bands, hand washable, odor resistable, and a sleek contour fit. Therefore, your eyeglasses don’t get foggy!! This is truly the most comfortable mask on the market. Made for all genders.

The new variations of Covid-19 have medical professionals asking people to double mask. By purchasing an iMask filter you meet this requirement. The iMask Filter sticks to the inside of any mask!

Not a replacement for the N95 mask. Designed in the USA. Made in China.

Material: Organic Polypropylene Polymer

Social Good

When you purchase an All Day Mask for virus protection, a frontline worker in need get one also!

Mask4Aide (from Mask4Aide)

Mask4Aide – because masks don’t have to be ugly or scary. Think of a mask as a new fashion accessory that helps us stay safer in a crazier world. Our mission is to offer awesome masks that make you look great while providing the protection from the bad stuff.

More Covid Supplies

Ethical Essentials L.A. has a wide assortment of Covid Supplies. Other masks for kids include the Our natural hand sanitizer by Balanced Guru is an EELA best seller.  The Antimicrobial Copper Touchless Hand key allows you to open doors, use PIN’s and make purchases without exposing yourself to Covid-19. We have an assortment of Masks for adults, masks for kids, as well as mask filters. These mask filters stick to the inside of any mask!

An EELA Pick What’s all the Commotion? is a children’s book written my a dear friend of EELA Jessie Glenn. What’s all the Commotion is a book about social distancing. A perfect gift for your quarantined son/daughter, niece/nephew.

Weight 0.5 oz

Pink, Black, Royal Purple/Gold Tie Dye


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