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Unearth Malee blossomed from my Thai-American background, which gave me the daily fortune of experiencing a wide variety of Asian cuisines, and using Eastern herbs infused in body care and wellness items. It is my labor of love and a wonderful outlet where I can do what I love and share the benefits of traditional Asian herbs, remedies, Eastern beauty rituals with everyone.

Smells of cilantro, lemongrass, ginger, kaffir lime, coconut milk, galangal root, tamarind, and jasmine rice would permeate throughout the house. Growing up with Thai herbal balms inspired me to formulate recipes using the ingredients that I grew up around.

In the art of soapmaking, I have been fortunate to use it as a platform for raising awareness of the environmental and social consequences of the destruction of rainforests in Indonesia and Malaysia to create palm oil plantations.

Creating Palm Oil Free recipes has been from the start of Unearth Malee, a challenge, but forever eye opening to the devastation it causes on the habitats of rainforest animals like orangutans, who are on the edge of extinction. Unearth Malee’s aluminum-free organic deodorant stems from love…the love of creating with my hands, mind, and soul.

Malee is my Thai name, and it means “flower.” My Grandma was the first Malee in the family, and now one of my daughter’s is Malee. Thank you for reading about the blossoming of my story, and I hope you enjoy the journey.

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Sandalwood Spice, Lavender Tea Tree, Patchouli Orange


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