This wooden Confetti Jigsaw Puzzle is for advanced puzzlers. With straight-edge geometric cuts, any piece could be part of the ‘border’. The dimensions of the completed puzzle are about 11″X16″. Each puzzle comes within a zippered bag, wrapped in tissue, inside a pretty, glossy box with magnetic closure.

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Bewilderness (from the founder)

In 2017 one crafty woman founded the jigsaw puzzle company Bewilderness. “We aspire to make really fresh and interesting jigsaw puzzles for adults and teens. Our favorite puzzles to create are the really tough ones. However, we have puzzles in a range of difficulties and with a wide variety of images so that everyone can experience something fun from Bewilderness. The quality of workmanship is also something that’s very important to us. We work hard to make Bewilderness puzzles something that can be enjoyed again and again over the years. Also, the weight of the pieces and the tactile sensations of putting together wood puzzles are things we’ve always found satisfying.
Weight 21.3 oz


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