Peet Rivko’s Gentle Cleanser is the one of the best natural natural facial cleansers on the market. Although it works well on all skin, it was designed for the most sensitive of skins. Formulated with aloe vera, green tea, glycerin and comfrey, this non-foaming cream cleanser removes daily grime while maintaining natural pH and oil balances, leaving skin soft and smooth. Also fragrance-free. Size: 3.4 fl. oz, 100 ml. With an EWG Score of 1 you know that it truly one of the best natural skin care lines on the market.

Peet Rivko follows the lead of the European Union and companies like Credo who are setting a new standard for the beauty industry. For example, they created a “never use” list of 1400 ingredients allowed by the FDA, but banned in the EU.


A wind-powered lab in Southern California manufactures all Peet Rivka’s products. The packaging – including bottles, pumps, labels and boxes – are manufactured in the U.S. and Europe and produced using recyclable and sustainable materials.

Social Good

When you purchase a bottle, Peet Rivko plants a tree!

EELA Picks

Peet Rivko is a plant-based skincare line featuring simple, gentle formulations. As a brand, their mission is to simplify skincare. I’ve used every skin care product on the market and now I’ll never try another. I have dryer skin and it loves the Gentle Cleanser.

Peet Rivko (from the founder)

We started Peet Rivko because we wanted a natural alternative for sensitive skin. Our plant-based formulas are simple, calming, and restorative: each ingredient is carefully selected for its soothing and non-toxic properties. This means zero toxins: no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, PEGs, phenoxyethanol, silicones, or petroleum. We define clean beauty as skincare made from 99-100% plant-derived ingredients and free from potentially harmful or toxic ingredients.

Weight 9.5 oz


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