The Sisal Fiber Hand Held Scrub Brush is an ergonomic wooden handle with sisal plant fiber bristles (agave plant).

Multipurpose Hand Held Scrub Brush

The Hand Held Scrub Brush is multipurpose. In fact, you can use it for dishes, vegetables, or household cleaning. Some customers use it as a body brush to remove dead skin and toxins and improve lymphatic functions.

How to clean the hand held scrub brush

Wood is naturally antimicrobial so generally you should just rinse the brush with water, and store on a dry towel or elevated to allow bristles to drain in between uses. However, if you do need to clean your brushes, clean bristles with vinegar to kill bacteria.

Most importantly, never leave submerged in water. In short, it will wear on the wood causing it to crack; it may even cause the natural bristles to fall out.

Sisal Fiber is Eco-Friendly

Twine and rope are traditional uses of Sisal, a natural fully biodegradable fiber. In fact, sisal is a highly renewable resource of energy. More products created with sisal include dartboards, carpets, bags, hats, footwear cloths, slippers, rugs, lumbar support belts, cat scratching posts and spa products. Wall coverings made of sisal meet the tearing and abrasion standards of the National Fire Protection Association.

EELA Picks

We love Me Mother Earth. Most of their products are an EELA Pick because we use them everyday. Their Bamboo Charcoal Dental Floss and floss refills are an EELA best seller. In addition to the Plant Based Wax Wraps, we love another new Me Mother Earth Product: the amazing silicone food storage bags. Save the planet and stop buying single use plastic!

Me Mother Earth

Me Mother Earth started their company with a collapsible straw kit. They love working craft fairs, markets and events to get the opportunity to talk face to face with people about the importance of making simple swaps everyday to reduce our impact on the environment. It affects all us all.
They state that they are not experts at plastic-free & sustainable living and face the same challenges that everyone else does, but are SO incredibly passionate about Mother Earth, sustainability, and educating those around us.


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