Stop touching germs with the Antimicrobial Copper Touchless Hand Key! As the country opens up & disposable gloves are a scarcity, we need something to safely run errands. The Touchless Hand allows you to safely open doors, press elevator door buttons, enter pincodes, & use touchscreens without ever coming into direct contact. Copper is naturally antimicrobial which helps kill bacteria.

What demo video. 

Mask4Aide (from Mask4Aide)

Mask4Aide – Maker of the Antimicrobial Copper Touchless Hand Key and the iMask. Because masks don’t have to be ugly or scary. Think of a mask as a new fashion accessory that helps us stay safer in a crazier world. Our mission is to offer awesome masks that make you look great while providing the protection from the bad stuff.

Weight 1 oz

Gun Powder Grey, Silver, Gold


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