HomeSolv Dishwasher Pods dissolve grease and baked-on foods. These pure, all-in-one detergent pacs and powder with built-in rinse aid leave dishes spotless. In addition, these dishwasher pods are:

  • Free and clear – no dyes or perfumes
  • Naturally biodegradable
  • Safe for septic systems


Homesolv is a part of Citra Solv who specializes in the development of plant based products. Firstly, these eco-friendly HomeSolv Dishwasher Pods are made from renewable resources that have a minimum impact on our world. Secondly, so does the recyclable packaging they come in!

Social Good

Not only is Citra Solv eco-friendly, they love animals too, so of course their products are cruelty free. Furthermore, they don’t use any animal-based ingredients in their dishwasher pods or any of their other products. Additionally, Citra Solv is very happy to support the work and mission of these great organizations: • PETA—People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals • Leaping Bunny—Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics • NAVS—The National Anti-Vivisection Society

EELA Picks

Ethical Essentials L.A. (EELA) picks are products that I love and use in my own home. It leaves my dishes, flatware, and pots and pans completely clean and streak-free. No need to buy rinse aid ever again!

Weight 13.3 oz

2 reviews for Homesolv Dishwasher Pods

  1. Jamonsta

    Very good product! Everything comes out sparkling clean without residue. We don’t even need rinse boosters anymore.

  2. Hannah Ortiz (verified owner)

    AMAZING PRODUCT! Cups actually smell clean, no more of that moldy residue smell. The only dishwasher pods that work and happen to be eco-friendly win win!

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