Kids can brush with a Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush and help save the planet too. This eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush will whiten kids teeth for an impeccably fresh and clean feeling too. The handle is naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial, and odor resistant, and they come in five fun colors: Pink, Purple, Blue, Yellow and Green.

FYI I use this toothbrush on my Poodle/Chihuahua and it’s perfect


Every toothbrush you’ve ever used is still on this planet, unless it’s bamboo! Remove the Kids Bamboo Charcoal bristles to compost. The bristles will biodegrade, but they are not compostable.

Me Mother Earth

Me Mother Earth started their company with a collapsible straw kit. As big travelers, they wanted to create something that was convenient enough to bring everywhere and begin to eliminate their use of single-use plastic. They love working craft fairs, markets and events to get the opportunity to talk face to face with people about the importance of making simple swaps everyday to reduce our impact on the environment. It affects all us all.
They state that they are not experts at plastic-free & sustainable living and face the same challenges that everyone else does, but are SO incredibly passionate about Mother Earth, sustainability, and educating those around us.
Weight 0.4 oz

Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green, Purple


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