Opulent Blends Lavender Hand Sanitizer has a special blend of natural ingredients. In addition to alcohol, vitamins, and witch hazel, it has the highest grade Lavender Essential Oil. Don’t dry your hands out with traditional cheap sanitizers, this lavender hand sanitizer leaves your skin silky smooth.

More Covid Supplies

Ethical Essentials L.A. has a wide assortment of Covid Supplies. Another natural hand sanitizer by Balanced Guru is an EELA best seller. We have the Antimicrobial Copper Touchless Hand key which allows you to open doors, use PIN’s and make purchases without exposing yourself to Covid-19. We have an assortment of Masks and mask filters. These mask filters stick to the inside of any mask!

An EELA Pick What’s all the Commotion? is a children’s book written my a dear friend of EELA Jessie Glenn. What’s all the Commotion is a book about social distancing. A perfect gift for your quarantined son/daughter, niece/nephew.

Weight 2.4 oz


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