Did you know that there is a difference between landfill biodegradable poop bags and the other biodegradable poop bags? Most poop bags labeled biodegradable or degradable require UV (sunlight) and oxygen to break down. Sunlight and oxygen, however, are not present in a landfill environment. Likewise, “compostable” poop bags (made from corn, sugarcane, and beetroot) need to be processed in a commercial composting facility. This type of plastic requires high heat, nitrogen, water, and oxygen to break down. These elements are certainly not present in a landfill environment! Moreover, most of these facilities do not accept poop!

The Greenline Pet Supply dog poop bag has a proprietary natural additive that renders the bags biodegradable in modern landfills. The bag attracts microbes and bacteria already present in landfills. These microbes colonize on the surface of the plastic bag. Thereby, completely digesting it. The Greenline dog poop bag biodegrades in a landfill within 26-28 months.


We love dogs and the planet. Ethical Essentials L.A. (EELA) was so excited when we found Greenline Pet Supply (Thank you Me Mother Earth)! If you value protecting the environment, read “Dilemma of an Earth Loving Dog Owner.” Another EELA Pick that we can’t stop talking about is the Fox + Hound Pet Odor + Stain RemovalIt’s almond scented.

Greenline Pet Supply

In 2012, long-time dog owner/lover, Jennifer Blaese, started Greenline Pet Supply out of her Chicago loft. She originally set out to design the ultimate poop bag holder. She created the Loop for Poop with her family and tested the prototypes on her friends. Their dogs ensured the products performed. Their products are sourced in the US and assembled by people who love dogs and care deeply for the environment. They believe in making products with a purpose.

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