The Reusable Plant Based Wax Wraps are a safe alternative to plastic food wrap. Not only are they high quality, washable, and reusable, but they are 100% biodegradable. In other words, these plant-based wraps are a vegan option for the traditional beeswax wraps. Wrap cheese, bread, half an avocado or apple, half a lemon, use to wrap sandwiches, or as bowl covers.

Variety pack with 3-sizes: 1 small – lemon print 7″x 7″, 1 medium – avocado print 10″x 11″, and 1 large – pineapple print 13″x 14″.

*New and Improved formula!*

How to Use

Activate your wraps by warming and working them into your hands.

Reusable Plant Based Wax Wraps Care Instructions

Hand wash with dish soap and cold water- hang or drape to dry. Keep stored in a cool or room temperature location. Reuse for up to 1 year or until no longer waxy then compost them or re-wax them.

Ingredients: GOTS Organic Cotton, Carnauba Wax, Jojoba Oil, and Tree Resin Packaging: Retail kraft paper box.

EELA Picks

We love Me Mother Earth. Most of their products are an EELA Pick because we use them everyday. Their Bamboo Charcoal Dental Floss and floss refills are an EELA best seller. In addition to the Plant Based Wax Wraps, we love another new Me Mother Earth Product: the amazing silicone food storage bags. Save the planet and stop buying single use plastic!

Me Mother Earth

Me Mother Earth started their company with a collapsible straw kit. They love working craft fairs, markets and events to get the opportunity to talk face to face with people about the importance of making simple swaps everyday to reduce our impact on the environment. It affects all us all.
They state that they are not experts at plastic-free & sustainable living and face the same challenges that everyone else does, but are SO incredibly passionate about Mother Earth, sustainability, and educating those around us.


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